16 Reasons Why Shih Tzu Are the Worst Dog (The Ugly Side of Cuteness)

For many dog owners, a Shih Tzu is just a small, fluffy companion that is loyal to its family and adored by all. However, you found your way here while looking for reasons why Shih Tzu are the worst dog; these dogs can also be a major source of stress and frustration.

Here are 16 real-life reasons that illustrate how difficult it can be to own a Shih Tzu. You’ll also learn the best ways to approach common Shih Tzu-related problems. So, if you’re about to bring a Shih Tzu into your home, you’ll want to pay close attention to this article – it could save you a lot of headaches:

1. Excessive Barking

One of the reasons why Shih Tzus are so bad is they bark excessively. The barking trait is inherent to this dog breed and would need regular training to deal with it. Your Shih Tzu will begin to bark when left alone for long periods, because of excitement, or when an unfamiliar person approaches your house.

One of the ways to stop your Shih Tzu from barking is to do away with the trigger. That means you should never have visitors and always be around. Would you love that?

2. Have You Seen a Clingy Dog? That Could Be a Shih Tzu!

Shihtzu dogs will always want to lay on you because they are incredibly clingy. They are constantly craving attention, love, and affection from their caregivers. Hence, they are not ideal for households with little time for pets.

3. Mood Swings and Crying a Lot

Are Shih Tzus good dogs?, No, they are not. Shih Tzus can be moody when stressed, uncomfortable, or frustrated. The Shih Tzu also loves to stick to its owner. So if you see them sobbing, there is a reason behind it. Nobody wants a dog that cries for no reason. In other cases, your dog may weep because of the following reasons:

  • Tension
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom
  • Hunger
  • Stress
  • Seeking attention or love
  • Allergic reaction
  • Separation anxiety

Shih Tzu breed dogs weep or scream when alone for long. When sad, their eyes will shed tears and bulge. They are the worst dogs as they can’t handle stress. But if your Shih Tzu cries often, we recommend you take them to a vet for a check-up.

4. Shih Tzus Are Difficult to Housetrain

While Shih Tzus have a mind of their own, they can’t do much without training. They are disobedient, get spoiled quickly, and are nippy. 

Despite being intelligent, Shih Tzus can be stubborn and are difficult to housetrain, which can be frustrating for first-time dog owners. Experts believe potty training a Shih Tzu is also challenging and won’t be successful without treat motivation, consistency, and positive reinforcement.

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Why Shih Tzu Are the Worst Dogs - they poop anywhere
A Shih Tzu can poop anywhere! Unsplash

5. Not Suitable for Highly Active Households with Other Active Pets

People seem to hate Shih Tzus because they are stubborn, can’t be left alone, and don’t like playing with other dog breeds. Shih Tzu’s temperament also qualifies them to be the worst dog. With this combination, you just have to be on your toes. 

6. Grooming and Maintenance Costs

Are Shih Tzu high maintenance dogs” is another question asked by people looking for reasons why Shih Tzu are the worst dogs. The Shih Tzu coat grows quickly and can be messy if left unattended. 

According to a recent survey, the American Pet Products Association found that an average dog owner will spend $1,480 annually on their dog. 

Some of the Shih Tzu frequent grooming tasks that make it hard to follow for low-income households include:

  • Coat brushing (Every 1-3 days, depending on coat length) – You must brush long coats  daily
  • Eye and face wiping (Daily)
  • Baths ( Every 3 weeks) – Shih Tzus with coat or skin disorders require frequent baths
  • Nail Cutting (Every 6 weeks)
  • Coat trimming (as needed)
  • Nose & paw care (as needed)

Several owners take their dogs to professional groomers for cuts and trims, as it’s the best choice. However, it can be expensive!

A Shih Tzu haircut will cost about $20. Professional nail cutting is about $15. You may also pay extra fees if you take your Shih Tzu to a dog boarding facility, as it needs extra care.

7. You Will Be Stuck with a Shih Tzu Forever!

Staying with a dog for decades is good if you build a bond with it and they love you back. However, you may get tired of waking up to grooming and feeding the same Shih Tsu for a decade and a half as they age.

A Shih Tzu has a lifespan of 15 years – that’s quite long! What worsens it all is that your Shih Tzu will not be willing to release you for work or other chores; nothing will go according to your schedule.

Shih Tzus are the worst dogs, with no value in their wet kisses. They are always looking out to humans for adornment.

8. Shih Tzu Can Be Difficult to Train

According to the American Kennel Club, a Shih Tzu puppy is hard to train. They love to be pampered and given rewards before following instructions. Shih Tzu owners also use the word “stubborn” when referring to their disobedient dogs. They are not welcoming to unkindness, shouting, and punishment.

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You must pay close attention to training and set rules for them while young. If not, your Shih Tzu may end up setting rules for you, resulting in behavioral issues.

its hard to train a Shih Tzu
It is hard to train a Shih Tzu – Unsplash

9. Aggression

Shih Tzus may display aggression towards other dogs or people if not properly socialized or due to a traumatic history. The Shih Tzu temperament should also be taken care of. Learn to calm your Shih Tzu when young, or you will regret owning one.

Another Shih Tzu frustrating behavior you must deal with is nipping and biting. Owners may think their Shih Tzu is cute, cuddly, and full of personality, to the point they forget dogs bite; Think again, as your adorable Shih Tzu can aggressively nip.

shih tzus are not the best dogs because they are aggressive
Shih Tzus might not be the best dogs. They are aggressive – unsplash

10. Shih Tzu Are Possessive, Even with Limited Resources

Shih Tzus are possessive over their territory, bedding, food, toys, and all other belongings. A Shih Tzu that growls, snaps, or gets anxious when with other dogs is showing “possessive aggression.” If a dog trainer does not intervene, it might be hard to train your dog later.

YES, Shih Tzus are possessive dogs
Shih Tzu Are Possessive

11. Shih Tzus Are Prone to a Sensitive Stomach

Shih Tzus are prone to sensitive stomachs. You have to provide them with quality and balanced dog food. They prefer fresh dog meals with real meat and no additives. Quality meals can be expensive. Prepare to spend on your Shihtzu for a healthy life.

For instance, your Shih Tzu will poop watery if you feed them with low quality food or a poor diet. Other causes of watery and smelly poop are parasite infestation and stress. Consider checking on your vet for the exact cause.

12. Pain Sensitivity and Joint Problems

Shih Tzus have a functional mind and may not tolerate being handled roughly. When in the hands of an inexperienced owner, it amounts to torture if you handle them wrongly. 

With their small bodies, it’s easy for them to be overweight. Afterward, it will be hard for their small legs to carry all the weight. The slightest strain on his legs may result in joint pains. These genetical features make Shih Tzus the worst dog breeds for health problems.

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13. Limited Playtime

Shih Tzus are not the kind of dog you can take to an extreme activity. Due to their small legs and tendency to tire quickly, Shih Tzus may not be a good match for highly active owners. If they are playing with other active dogs, they may end up with muscle injuries and fatigue.

a lazy shih tzu in a briefcase
Walk out, let’s play Shih Tzu! – Unsplash

14. Risk of Respiratory Issues

Shih Tzus are full of fur and have trouble breathing because of their tiny bodies. Breathing difficulties may result in respiratory distress and a sudden rise in pulse & heartbeat rate. 

In extreme cases, respiratory issues will lead to reduced cerebral blood flow. This will result in instability, unconsciousness, and uncertainty. Contact your vet if you suspect your Shih Tzu is having respiratory issues.

They are also prone to reverse sneezing. When a Shih Tzu’s soft palate contracts, it restricts the airways. Hence, a reverse sneezing.

Your dog will snort if they suffocate or lack enough oxygen. In extreme cases, they will faint. However, this is not life-threatening. Just let your dog relax and after time, it will start breathing.

15. Unpredictable Health Issues and Costly Vet Bills for Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus may be prone to various health issues, such as illnesses or pain, which can affect their behavior.

Shih Tzu vet expenses are also not cheap! These dogs are prone to diseases like hypothyroidism, eye issues, breathing problems, intervertebral disk disease, and periodontal disease.

According to EPI ( Embrace Pet Insurance), the cost of treating Shih Tzu’s common and extreme issues are:

  • Arachnoid Cysts: $4,500-$10,000
  • Fold Dermatitis: $300-$2,500
  • Entropion: $300-$1,500
  • Ectopic Cilia & Distichiasis: $1,500-$2,000
  • Patellar Luxation: $1,500-$3,000

If you haven’t neutered or spayed your Shih Tzu, you will need $250-$500. 

A shih tzu at a vet
Shih Tzu vet expenses are also not cheap! – Unsplash

16. An Absurd Magnitude of Perfection

Called the “Chrysanthemum-Faced Dogs” because of their hair, Shih Tzus are also known as the “little Lions” because of their silk coat. Keeping them may be difficult for you if you reside in an apartment as they want so much space.

Verdict on Why Shih Tzu Are the Worst Dog

If you are wondering why Shih Tzu are the worst dogs, it is because of their excessive barking, mood swings, high maintenance costs, Shih Tzu temperament, and 13 other reasons we have listed above. 

However, it’s important to note that every dog is unique, and an individual Shih Tzu may not exhibit all these traits. We recommend you research and understand the breed before considering getting a Shih Tzu puppy as a pet. 

 If you have any questions or would like to discuss your experience with a Shih Tzu, please leave a comment! 

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