Best Dog Room Ideas: 60 Tips From Interior Design Experts

As a pet owner, you would love to dedicate an indoor space for your canine. But, some homes come with limited space. You may also lack dog room ideas that match your budget and individual dog needs; we are here to help you!

A dog room should have basic features like a dog bed, a dog-sized shower, toys, food storage shelves, latched kennel, hooks for leashes, and a feeding station.

Herein, we’ll dive into specific pet room ideas, how you should design a dog house, and what it takes to have a comfortable dog house. With these tips, you can transform any limited space into a comfortable and stylish haven for your pooch.

Tips on Designing a Dog Room You and Your Dog Will Love

No matter where you choose to build a dog room for your pooch, these tips from an interior designer will give your dog room a premium look:

1. Assess Available Space

Before designing a indoor dog room, assess the available space
Designed by Kaseygroupcompass – Instagram

Before designing an indoor dog room, assess the available space. Whether you’re working with a small apartment or a spacious house, understanding the dimensions and layout of the area will help you make the most of every square inch.

Start by measuring the room or area where you plan to create the dog room. Take note of any architectural features like windows, doors, or built-in fixtures that may impact the layout. 

Consider the overall flow of your home and how the dog room will fit into it. Is there a specific room or corner ideal for your dog’s retreat? By evaluating the different options, you can choose a location your dog will love and that complements your home’s overall aesthetics.

2. Understand Your Dog’s Personal Needs

Consider your dog’s specific needs and habits before choosing a spot for your indoor dog. Some dog breeds have huge bodies and require more space to move around, while a small corner space will work for a lap dog.

3. Selecting the Right Furniture

In addition to durability, consider the size and style of the furniture you choose for your dog room
pugstar_buzz – Instagram

When choosing furniture for a dog room, consider comfort and durability. Dogs can be rough on their surroundings. So, opt for furniture made from sturdy materials that withstand playful paws and the occasional chewing. 

Look for scratch-resistant surfaces, durable fabrics, and solid construction to ensure the furniture withstands wear and tear.

Choose furniture that is also easy to clean and maintain. Opt for stain-resistant materials. This will make it easier to keep your dog room clean and free from odors. 

Additionally, prioritize furniture with removable and washable covers, allowing you to keep everything fresh and hygienic.

4. Matching Dog Furniture with Home Decor

To add appeal to your dog room, add your dog's best treat photo to the walls or floor
Ardeamosaicfactory – Instagram

You can add your dog’s best treat image to the floor decor. Also, don’t forget to incorporate your style into the furniture selection and dog room wallpapers. 

Look for pieces that complement your home’s décor and reflect your taste. Many stylish options are available, from modern designs to more traditional ones. Remember, your dog room is a functional space for your pet and an extension of your home.

5. Maximizing Vertical Space

 utilize vertical space by building a multi-level dog bed
Designed by txtsfromtobyandpenny – Instagram

If you’re dealing with limited space, get creative and think vertically. Wall-mounted shelves or built-in cubbies can store your dog’s belongings while saving floor space. 

Another clever way to utilize vertical space is by incorporating multi-level furniture. Look for dog beds with built-in platforms or ramps, allowing your pup to relax or sleep on different levels. Not only does this provide extra space for your dog to enjoy, but it also adds an interesting visual element to the room.

Consider using adjustable wall-mount feeding stations. You can easily mount these feeders at different heights, accommodating dogs of various sizes and making mealtimes more convenient. 

Additionally, hanging hooks on the walls can provide a spot for leashes, collars, and towels, further maximizing the vertical space.

6. Easy-to-Clean Flooring Options

marble is one of the easy-to-clean options to use in a dog room floor
lorenza simondi lifestyle – Instagram

Dogs can be messy, and accidents happen. That’s why you should choose a flooring option that is easy to clean.

Luckily, there are several flooring materials that not only provide a stylish look but also make your cleaning routine a breeze. Some popular flooring materials include vinyl, ceramic and porcelain tiles, bamboo, and artificial grass.

Dog room ideas video:

Dog Room Ideas: Indoor Dog Dog Room Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated indoor dog room, the possibilities for creating a comfortable and inviting space are endless. 

From practical and basic features to luxury additions, here are some indoor dog room ideas that will help transform your apartment into a dog haven:

Bedroom Dog Room Ideas

No dog room is complete without a resting area. Whether it’s a plush dog bed tucked into an alienated corner or a custom-built dog bed close to your dining table, they both should be comfortable. 

When setting up a bedroom for your dog, add soft blankets, pillows, or even a small dog-friendly couch. Your dog will sit on the couch and watch you when they don’t feel like lying down.

To complete the dog bedroom look, add a nightstand or bedside table. The table will hold your dog’s essentials like water bowls, treat jars, or even a small lamp for soft lighting during the night. Your dog is your friend, make them feel like one!

Below are some Instagram Bedroom Dogroom ideas you will love:

Whether it's a plush dog bed tucked into a cozy corner or a custom-built doggy den, these Bedroom Dog Room Ideas resonate with providing a comfortable place for your dog to relax and unwind
Betuleylulmina – Instagram
Add some cozy pillows and blankets to your dog"s bedroom bed, and your dog will feel like royalty every time they curl up for a nap.
For the ultimate in luxury, you can opt for a full-size human bed for your dog. This can be a regular bed frame with a dog-specific mattress or even a custom-built dog bed that matches your bedroom decor.
Kinsey_walsh /Instagram

Why Is My Dog Sleeping Under the Bed?

My dog likes sleeping under the bed. should I be worried?
a dog sleeping under bed

Sleeping under the bed makes your dog comfortable, predictable, and calm. It also makes your dog feel safe as they lie next to you.

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, or it’s storming, there is a stranger in the house or fireworks outside; your dog is afraid and looking for a safe hiding space. 

Dog Closet Room Ideas

If you have some free space in your closet room, it could be a nice place to build a dog room in your house. You may also add a dog dresser if the space is too big. 

Like your own closet, a dog dresser will store your dog’s clothes and grooming accessories. The dog closet can have drawers and a surface to display photos or decorative items that showcase your love for dogs.

If you live alone and your apartment has spare closets, how about turning one into a dog room? It will help you save on building materials and labor. You do not need to restructure the closet. Just put a dog bed in there, and hang your dog’s accessories around.

Below are instagram dog closet room ideas you can try:

here are some clever dog closet room ideas that will not only help you maximize storage and organization in your furry friend's space
chi.spike.19 / Instagram
If you prefer a more DIY approach, you can repurpose an existing closet or armoire by adding shelves, bins, or baskets to make a closet dog room.
dmourey2 / Instagram
When designing your dog's closet room, consider enough lighting and ventilation
princecharliethecavie / Instagram
a white dog lying in a closet
samoyed_bobby / Instagram

Dog Room Decor Ideas

With some dog room decor ideas, you can transform your dog's closet into a stylish and inviting haven
Light the room with a cheerful and vibrant hue that reflects your dog’s playful nature

The best dog room decor advice you will ever get from an interior design expert is “keep your dog room cheerful and vibrant.” Unlike dog owners, dogs don’t have jobs and errands to run in town. Instead, they spend most of their time at home, apart from the random evening dog walks.

To make a dog room beautiful, incorporate accent colors through accessories like curtains, rugs, and a colorful dog bed. You may also match the flooring with your dog’s fur. 

To complement your existing home decor, choose existing colors that will create a cohesive look. That’s a perfect dog room decor idea. Right?

Also, hang some artwork around to add appeal to your dog’s room. Hang some dog-themed artwork or photographs on spots your dog can see them. 

Also, add a cute dog-shaped hook or shelf to store your dog’s leash, collar, and favorite toys. These small dog room decor touches can add charm and personality to the space.

Install soft, adjustable lighting fixtures that you can dim or brighten. The lights will help create a cozy ambiance and ensure your pup will relax in its closet retreat.

Lastly, add natural elements to the decor of the dog room. Place a few indoor plants or a small herb garden near a window to bring a touch of nature indoors. Green plants add visual appeal, help improve air quality and create a calming environment for your dog.

What is The Best Color of a Dog Room?

Interior design experts recommend using colors your dog can see. You can install dog-themed decor that is blue, green, or purple.

Even if your dog doesn’t see the colors, you will enjoy looking at them and showing them off to friends. For a personalized theme, incorporate special dog features like your dog’s portrait that will blend with your home paint.

Convert Your Garage to a Dog Room Kennel

You can convert your garage into a dog kennel and let your dog have a place to lay on. Garage space is a nice place to place or build a kennel as you don’t have to do much building. 

It is also one of the possible solutions for those who don’t want to have shedding dogs in their house. Before you move your dog into the garage, ensure the temperatures are comfortable and nothing will harm your dog while playing around. Build a separate dog play room if the garage is too small or cluttered.

you can convert your garage to a dog room kennel
theclevercutie / Instagram

Dog Play Room Ideas

A dog play room space helps promote a dog’s physical and mental well-being. The play area can be a designated pet space area within your home where your pet can let loose, burn off energy, and engage in activities that keep them happy and engaged.

When designing a dog play room, consider the size of the space and your dog’s needs. 

If you have a smaller area, you can maximize vertical space by installing slides and platforms for your dog to climb and explore. 

To entertain your dog while in its play room, give them interactive toys and puzzles. Treat-dispensing toys or puzzle games that require concentration can also provide mental stimulation and satisfy your dog’s instincts. 

Place the toys in different areas of the room to encourage exploration and keep your playful dog engaged for longer.

Some dog experts recommend including agility equipment in your dog play room to improve your dog’s coordination. You can easily set items like hurdles, dog tunnels, and ramps to provide endless opportunities.

Dog Play Room Ideas
best Dog Play Room Ideas
add a cctv in your dog room to monitor its activities
When designing a dog play room, it's important to consider the size of the space
To further enhance the play room environment, consider incorporating different textures and surfaces.

Dog Wash Room Ideas

A dog wash room provides a functional and convenient space to keep your senior dog and puppies clean. Does your dog have one? If not, let’s figure it out together.

When it comes to the design of your dog wash room, be practical:

  • Install a large sink or a designated dog tub with non-slip flooring. 
  • Also, install a handheld showerhead or a faucet with a hose attachment for easy rinsing.
  • Add soft lighting and calming colors to calm your dog during bath time. 
  • You can also play gentle and dog-friendly music for relaxation.
  • Make bathtime efficient by keeping all shower accessories within reach. 
  • Have shelves or cabinets nearby to store your dog’s shampoo, towels, and grooming supplies.

Ideally, a dog wash room should be easily accessible and close to an entrance or outdoor space. This will make it more convenient to bring your pup in for a quick wash before they enter your home, especially during rainy or muddy days.

Finally, don’t forget about drying off your dog after their bath. If they ever walk into your living room with water dripping off their body, you know how bad the floor can be. 

Use a drying area with absorbent mats or towels to help prevent wet paw prints throughout your home. Place a comfortable cushion or blanket next to your dog wash room area so that your dog can relax and dry off.

small laundry room with dog shower
vierabuilders / Instagram
best dog washroom ideas
juliasperlingcom – / Instagram
elevate your dog wash room area to avoid over flows
Annie_jacknonvillerealtor / Instagram
build a dog wash station in laundry room
belmont.hardware / Instagram
large dog washing station for home
tile dog wash station
dog washing sink dimensions
dog washing tab with overhead shower

Small Dog Room Ideas

If your home doesn’t have enough space or you have a small dog, you can build a small room for them.

One way to maximize a small dog room is to utilize vertical space. Install floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets and beds. 

Another clever idea for small dog rooms is to buy multifunctional furniture. Look for pet-friendly pieces like side tables or ottomans that double as dog beds. 

When decorating a small dog house, choose soft pastels or neutral tones complimenting your home’s decor. You can add pops of color through bedding, curtains, or wall art.

Incorporating mirrors into your small dog room can also create the illusion of a larger space. Hang a mirror on one wall, making the room appear more open and airy. Your small dog will appreciate staring in the mirror as there is no extra room to move around.

Small Dog Room Ideas
small dog house ideas
maple_the_mini_ / Instagram

Dog Living Room Ideas

A living room should be a space where you and your dog chill out, recoup, and watch tv

When setting a spot for your dog in a living room, Choose pet-friendly furniture that can withstand the inevitable wear and tear. In this case, slipcovers or furniture with removable and machine-washable cushions will help.

Designate a dog zone in your sitting where your dog can sit and watch you walk around. For instance, you may use corner space for a dog bed to help set boundaries and prevent your dogs from taking over the entire room.

Dog Living Room Ideas for your home

Dog Room Ideas for a Dog Kennel

Consider placing a dog kennel room in a quiet and less busy spot. A dog kennel should also have essential items like bedding, toys, and a dog bed.

The kennel should be large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie comfortably. You want your dog to play without feeling cramped or confined.

Another aspect is the location of the kennel within your house. Dogs are social animals and may feel anxious if you completely isolate them. Don’t let your dog suffer from separation anxiety. Place the kennel in an area where your dog can still have a view of their surroundings.

Dog Room Ideas for a Dog Kennel 
how to create a dog room
one door dog room dimensions to use
how to build a dog room kennel
materials to use in building a dog room
dog room kennel dimensions for building
how a finished dog kennel will look like
a white dog in a diy DOG KENNEL
Partition your dog room kennel into two
final product of a diy dog kennel with a dog mattress
credit: ecegrilunina / Instagram

Basement Dog Room Ideas

Unfinished basements are the most overlooked areas of a home. Do you know why? 👇

In many homesteads, the basement serves as a storage space or a forgotten area that lacks purpose. However, with our basement dog room ideas, let’s turn it into a functional dog room.

One idea for a basement dog room is to convert it into a dog play area. Install rubber flooring or mats to provide traction for your dog. 

Another option is to create a sleeping area within the basement dog room. Add a comfortable dog bed or crate for warmth. 

For senior dog breeds: 

  • Choose an elevated bed with an orthopedic matress
  • Include soft blankets or pillows for your dog to snuggle into.
  • Add CLEAN food and water bowls
  • Add your sweater or old T-shirt
  • If your dog likes chewing, a tough toy.

An unfinished basement area is not comfortable to live in. So, ensure proper ventilation and temperature control. Ensure there is plenty of airflow by opening windows. If the dog’s basement room is cold, add insulation or a space heater.

Basement Dog Room Ideas
pet_house_cats_dogs / Instagram

Dog Room Divider Ideas

When designing a dog room, consider the layout of the space and the number of dogs to house. Sometimes, you may have a larger room that needs to be partitioned into several kennels, and that’s where dog room divider ideas come in handy.

One popular option for dividing a dog room is using freestanding dividers. These can be movable and easily create separate zones within the dog house. 

Dog Room Divider Ideas
Laures, Unsplash

You can make free-standing dividers from wood or metal. Dividers provide a physical barrier by marking territories and help create a sense of privacy for your dog.

Another creative way to divide a dog room is by using shelving units. These units also provide additional storage space for your dog’s belongings. You can choose from various shelving designs, including open shelves or ones with doors or baskets.

Use decorative screens or curtains as a more visually appealing option for dog room dividers. Screens with interesting patterns add a touch of elegance to the dog room. Conversely, Curtains offer flexibility as you can easily open or close to create separate sections.

Under the Stairs Dog Room Ideas

One idea for utilizing the space under the stairs is to create a dog’s room or a mini doghouse. If you want to keep the dog house under stairs cost low, you can throw a bed and blankets alone. But for a premium look, decorative elements and an under stairs closet come in handy.

If you have a big dog or several of them, convert the entire under stairs area into a spacious dog run. Install a sturdy mesh or wire enclosure that spans the width and height of the space to restrain your dogs. Adding comfortable flooring, such as rubber mats or artificial grass, will ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

Also, an under stairs dog kennel door to the front of the space will create a sense of enclosure without limiting access.

Remember to personalize the dog room under stairs with some decorative elements. Most pet owners customize nameplates and pin them to the doors, while others mount framed photos of their pets.

Under the Stairs Dog Room Ideas
cred: Unsplash

Dog Wet Room Ideas

A dog shower unit should help with bath time and messy play.

Your dog’s wet room should be spacious to minimize stress. No one would want to drag a dirty dog upstairs. So, keep your dog shower in the laundry room, close to the play area.

Dog Wet Room Ideas
dog wet room storage cabins
best Dog Wet Room Ideas with sink
your dog wet room should be close to the door
Lindamcmanusimages/ Instagram

Laundry Room Ideas With Dog Shower

If you have a laundry room, you should install a dog shower station to make bath time a breeze.

When designing your laundry room with a dog shower, choose the right location. Ideally, it should be close to an existing water source, such as a sink or utility faucet.

Additionally, think about the size of your dog and how much space they will need to stand and move around comfortably. Be sure to consider any storage or organization needs for your laundry supplies.

When designing a dog shower in a laundry room, use sturdy and slip-resistant flooring. Non-slip tiles or rubber flooring will withstand the water and provide traction for your pup. Combine non-slip flooring with easily washable walls for a low-maintenance space.

Next, consider the dog shower itself. A handheld showerhead or a wall-mounted one with an adjustable height will give you more control during bath time. Install a drainage system that removes excess water and prevents any flooding in the room.

Some of the dog shower accessories to add include:

  • Dog shampoos
  • Brushes 
  • Towels
  • Other dog grooming essentials. 

By incorporating a dog shower into your laundry room, you can wash your pup’s bedding and towels in the same space as your clothes.

Laundry Room Ideas With Dog Shower
Stephanie_swander_interiors / Instagram

Dog Whelping Room Ideas

Dog Whelping Room Ideas
strayrescuestl / Instagram

Homeowners with breeding dogs or are planning to welcome puppies need to have a place for their puppies. A dog whelping room is the only safe space for the mother and her newborn puppies.

When designing a dog-whelping room, install soft bedding and a washable cushion to keep puppies warm. Also, add a heating source to keep the room warm.

Another important feature is easy access to food and water for the mother. You may want to install a raised feeding station to ensure she can comfortably eat without being disturbed by adventurous puppies. Additionally, a separate area for puppy food can help prevent any messes or spills.

Lastly, it’s important to plan for disinfecting the dog whelping room. A dedicated sink or hose nearby for quick cleanups can also be helpful.

Minecraft Dog Room Ideas

If you or your kids are avid fans of Minecraft, incorporating the video game into your dog’s living space should be a top priority.

Design a Minecraft-themed dog bed that resembles a pixelated doghouse. You can construct it using square-shaped foam or cardboard cutouts. Then, paint them to mimic the Minecraft textures. 

You may also create Minecraft-inspired wall decor that depicts scenes from the game. Use vinyl stickers or paint to bring to life pixelated landscapes, mobs, or even your dog’s Minecraft alter ego. 

Incorporate Minecraft-inspired bowls, water dispensers, and toy accessories into the room to further enhance your Minecraft theme. 

Below is a video on 30 different minecraft decoration ideas you can do for dogs:

Outdoor Dog Room Ideas

Like with an indoor dog room, functionality should take precedence as you plan your outdoor space. Consider your dog’s needs and incorporate elements that promote their well-being.

For active dogs, incorporate play elements into the outdoor dog room to keep them busy. Install a dog-friendly obstacle course with tunnels, ramps, and jumps.

Safety is of utmost importance when creating an outdoor dog room. Ensure you fence the area, to prevent your dog from wandering off. If you have a smaller breed, keep the gaps in the fence too small for them to squeeze through. 

Place food and water bowls in a sheltered area, away from direct sunlight or rain. There are also various automatic water dispensers that can ensure your dog always has access to fresh water, even when you’re not around.

Lastly, don’t forget to include some greenery in your outdoor dog room. Dogs enjoy exploring and sniffing around plants and grass. Plant a small garden for your dog, but avoid toxic plants that could harm your dog.

Outdoor Dog Room Ideas you should try
heavy duty outdoor dog kennel with water resistant roof

Dog Mud Room Ideas

a dog mud room should be close to the door
A dog mud room should be close to the door

A dog mud room is an essential space in your home where your dog can transition from outdoor adventures to indoor relaxation while keeping the rest of your home clean. 

When designing a dog mud room, use flooring material that can withstand muddy paws and wet fur. Tiles or vinyl flooring are great options. 

Additionally, place a boot tray near the entrance to contain any dirt or water brought in from outside.

A dog mud room should have a blower for drying your pup after a rainy walk. Hang a towel rack or a retractable clothesline to hang up wet clothes.

Dog Mud Room Ideas

What Should a Dog Room Have?

A dog room should have a bed to keep your canine comfortable and warm. If you have a dedicated spot in your house for the room, install a pet gate

Dogs are happy and playful pets. Throw lots of traditional toys in its room. For a fancy look, a dog-themed wallpaper will go a long way in soothing your dog’s soul.

How Do I Build a Dog Area in My House?

First, assess your house for a quiet, warm, and comfy spot. If you have a large canine, you need a bigger space. 

Follow the steps below to build a dog room in the house:

  • Install dog-friendly flooring
  • Set up a gate
  • Install dog-themed wallpapers
  • Add toys to the room
  • Put dog stairs if the dog room is raised
  • Set out water and food bowls

If you are not always at home, you should install cameras in the room. They will help you monitor your pet and interact. You may also add a treat dispenser that lets you feed your dog as you talk.

Is It OK for Dogs To Have Their Own Room?

While dogs can rest and sleep anywhere, we recommend each dog have its room with a bed. A good dog space helps protect your dog from adverse weather conditions and offers safety. 

Other benefits include; your furniture will be safe, as your dog won’t be around your living room to destroy them, and comfortable sleep for both of you.

Does a Dog House Need a Floor?

Your dog spends most of its time in its room and needs a pet-friendly floor. A great floor provides a comfortable space for your dog to play and lie. When installing the floor, ensure it sits high above the ground to prevent cold and water sipping in on cold days.

Where Is the Best Place To Put a Dog Bed in the House?

Outdoors is already your dog’s territory, but they deserve a spot in your house too. Some of the best places you should put a dog bed in the house include; in the laundry room, next to your bed, a space in your garage, under the staircase, or basement space, or you can add a tent anywhere else you deem fit. 

Whichever place you choose, build a small cabin next to your dog to store its toys, leashes, dry food, and blankets.

Should Dogs Be Kept Inside?

Some dog breeds are meant for insides; they don’t do well outdoors as they get tired quickly or even dirty. If you own a lap dog but can’t keep it in your house, you don’t deserve one.

If you are uncomfortable with dogs staying with you, choose working breeds and hounds that wouldn’t care to know if your house exists.

Parting Shot on Dog Room Ideas

By assessing available space, selecting the right furniture, maximizing vertical space, and incorporating storage solutions, you can create a luxury dog room. 

Don’t let size restrictions hold you back from providing your dog with a space they can call their own. Get creative with these dog room ideas and maximize available resources.

Comment below with the best spot you would love to have a dog room; you may be helping an undecided dog parent.

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