What is Dog Boarding? Unearthing Everything You Need to Know!

What is a dog boarding facility?
What is dog boarding?

The dog boarding industry has grown threefold in the past two decades. Demand for dog boarding kennels and pet sitting services is high due to high pet ownership. The willingness of pet parents to spend on dog care services has also seen many abandon traditional dog kennels for premium boarding facilities.

According to researchers, the pet grooming and boarding industry revenue has grown at a 2.8% CAGR to a $12bn market size. Spending continues to surge as more consumers humanize their dogs. But dog boarding can be stressful if not done right.

Herein, we explore and unearth everything about dog boarding. We will also discuss dog boarding vs. dog sitting. First things first, what is the meaning of dog boarding?

What is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding or dog care is a veterinarian-run facility where you can leave your dog for a night, daytime, or long-term. These facilities allow pet owners to drop off their dogs for a fee in exchange for the service. Also known as dog hotels and resorts, they ensure your pet is comfortable and safe while you are away.

There are several types of dog boarding facilities, depending on your dog’s personality. They include luxury suites with dog walkers, personalized boarding facilities, and group boardings; they aim to keep your canine happy and healthy while feeling at home.

Dog boarding is no longer perceived as a ditch to dump your pet while you travel. Dog hotels are now elegantly built (more than four-star human hotels,) and your dog will enjoy the stay.

Basic dog kennel services offer regular feeding, exercise, health monitoring, watering, and an enclosed dog run area. On the other hand, veterinarian-run dog boardings provide exceptional medical care on top of essential services.

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While at boarding facilities, the facility’s service providers wash your dog, feed it, walk it, and they will pamper your pup. But, experts recommend you write a detailed care guide on how they should handle your dog. This may include:

  • Medications your dog is using
  • How much food should they give your dog
  • How often do they eat in a day
  • Blankets and toys inventory 

If you take your dog to a pet on boarding, you may carry your dog’s favorite treats, toys, and home blanket. Adding a cloth with your smell will go a long way in making your dog comfortable.

When parting with your dog at a boarding facility, remain calm and cheerful to avoid agitating them. Dogs can sense when you are sad and want to lay on you. Hence, blocking you from leaving.

Are Dog Boarding Facilities a Profitable Business

Are Dog Boarding Facilities a Profitable Business?

Dog boarding can be a profitable business if the boarding facility is well-maintained, built, and managed. There are premium and fancy facilities that run $1.5K per day all-suite, and basic ones run at least $50 a night. A majority offer meals and play time inclusive of basic plans. Other services like dog walks, massage, dog training, grooming, and extra play time are ads on.

To start a successful dog boarding facility, you must follow animal control regulations set by local authorities. Your animal certificate license should show how many dogs you can have on boarding at any given time. 

Other factors that will determine your profits include:

  • Competition
  • Location
  • Demand for dog boarding facilities in your area
  • Running costs
  • Veterinary care

The bigger your facility, the more pets you can hold. Yet, warehousing pets may make you less trustworthy and popular. Ensure you zone your facility land for only animals. 

If you need to gain experience with pets, volunteer at the SPCA program or an animal-centred organization near you. You should also connect with local veterinarians and pet products suppliers to ensure you get quality materials, equipment, and services.

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What Is the Difference Between Dog Boarding and Dog Sitting?

With dog boarding, you drop off your dog at a boarding facility, and they are taken care of there. Dog boarding is like going for a staycation, only that this one’s for dogs. On the other hand, pet sitting is temporary. Pet sitters will pass by your home to check on your dog while you are away. They can also stay at your home, depending on your agreement. 

Pet sitting is more personalized, short-term, and at an individual level, while pet boarding services involve several dogs from different owners. Some pets would enjoy staying on board, while others prefer staying at home; it will all depend on your pet.

Wrap Up on What is Dog Boarding

Now that you know “what is dog boarding,” research the best dog kennel boarding options for your pup around you. Ensure you’ve found the safest and most suitable environment for them. Till then, stay safe!

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