Dog Poop on Artificial Grass: Cleaning Dog Waste

Cleaning Artificial Grass When You Have Dogs

How does it feel stepping onto your lawn, ready to enjoy a sunny day, only to be greeted by an unwelcome surprise: dog poop on artificial grass. Looks like your dog was marking his territory. But dog urine, saliva, feces, and vomit can leave grass with a lingering odor and stains.  

Your artificial lawn needs attention. How will you clean it? What will you use? Will the dog pee and poop ruin your lawn? Herein, we answer all these questions and guide you on how to stop dogs pooping on your artificial grass. 

First things first,

Can Dogs Pee and Poop on Artificial Grass?

Yes, dogs will not only play and rest on artificial grass but will leak on it and pour out every other content. However, unlike real grass, artificial turf will not absorb or get burns from your dog’s waste. 

Artificial turf is porous, and dog urine will seep through, but you will have to collect the dog poop and clean it as you would with any organic lawn. Always flush dog urine with water to dilute it and eliminate the lingering smell.

What Happens if a Dog Poops on Artificial Grass

If your canine goes potty on artificial grass, the following are the possible outcomes:

  • Odor: if you do not promptly remove dog waste, it can lead to an unpleasant odor. 
  • Bacterial growth: dog waste has bacteria that pose a health risk to children and other dogs using the lawn.
  • Staining: dog poop tends to stick to synthetic fibers. The waste will then be embedded in the fibers, resulting in stains that require vigorous cleaning.

Cleaning Dog Poop on Artificial Grass (Short-Term Strategies)

Dogs love playing on newly installed artificial grass. They will no longer dig as there is no soil smelling underneath. But, after a long run and play, your dog will poop and pee on the grass. Here is what to do when your dog messes up with your lawn:

1. Safety First

Dog waste doesn’t smell nice, and you wouldn’t love to hold it with bare hands; that doesn’t mean you don’t love your dog. 

Put on gloves to protect your hands from contamination. The gloves will also ensure you maintain hygiene while dealing with dog waste on your artificial grass.

2. Take Immediate Action

Dog waste won’t spoil your day if you remove it promptly. Remove the dog waste as soon as you notice it to avoid the smell and deep cleaning.

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3. Remove Solid Waste

You are probably used to removing dog waste immediately if your dog lives in the house or you walk them at some time in the day. However, if your dogs spend most of their time outdoors, you should be vigilant. Check your yard for dog waste 2-3 times a day.

To clean up dog poop on artificial grass, use a plastic bag or pooper scooper. Carefully pick up the solid dog poop from the grass. The scooper should be gentle to avoid damaging your lawn.

Place the dog waste in a bag or disposal system and seal it to prevent the spread of bacteria and odor.

4. Rinse with Water

Waste residues will remain on the grass, but one of the benefits of artificial grass for dogs is the ease of cleaning. You can remove fresh solid waste using a damp paper towel.

On the other hand, you will need a thorough cleaning if the dog waste has hardened or dried while on your lawn. Remove it before it gets pressed down.

Grab a garden hose or a bucket of water and pour it on the affected grass patch. The water will dilute and break down the waste into small particles you can wash away.

One fact about dog poop before we continue. Dog urine and poop will not discolor or damage artificial grass like natural grass. Therefore, don’t panic if you wake up to a poop patch you might have missed the previous day or notice a urine smell in your yard. It won’t harm that lawn.

To deal with the overdraft waste mess, pay attention to the section below. It contains tips to help keep your lawn clean.

Cleaning Artificial Grass Using Spray Cleaning Solutions

Spray cleaners help keep lawns free of yard debris, pet waste, and dirt. Before using cleaning solutions, check the directions for using the solution—a word of caution. Otherwise, you may void their warranty.

Dilute the cleaning solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions and follow these general steps to keep dog poop issues at bay.

  1. Spray the affected lawn spot and gently scrub the grass with a soft brush or broom; it will help loosen dried dog waste and get it ready for removal.
  2. Mop the affected lawn area with any of the following cleaners:
  • Stain deodorizer
  • Stain remover
  • Disinfectant
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We recommend you apply an enzyme spray to help break down the waste molecules. Experts recommend a homemade vinegar and water solution as the most suitable spray to clean after your dog (for ratios, check the image below).

homemade water and vinegar solution for artificial grass

Remember, one of the reasons for switching to artificial grass from natural grass is to avoid using chemicals in cleaning and controlling pests and weeds. The water and vinegar spray helps to combat dog poop bacteria naturally.

You may use any product you deem fit. However, we recommend natural products that are safe for children and pets. 

How Do You Get Dog Pee Odor Out of Fake Grass?

Make a homemade water and vinegar solution (refer to the image above for ratios) and spray the spot where your dog loves peeing. Dogs love urinating at the same spot. You may also design a designated poop patch in your lawn for your dog to relieve his organs on it. 

Can You Jet Wash Artificial Grass?

Yes! Jet washing cleans artificial grass quickly. However, take care not to pressure wash solids like dog waste. Pick up solids like dog poop before jet washing. 

Long-Term Dog Waste Strategies

There are pet-friendly artificial grass products on the market to handle pet waste. These products have good drainage and a firm backing to ensure the artificial grass isn’t too hot for dogs. 

Artificial grass products without a solid backing come in portable dog potties and glass tiles with a catchment tray.

Other long-term remedies that will help deal with the smell of dog poop on artificial grass menace include:

  • Add fresh, biodegradable, and organic infills to older lawns: to reduce stains and odor
  • Install porous turf with good drainage: to allow dog urine to flow through
  • Grass with antimicrobial properties: to minimize the spread of bacteria from dog waste
  • Add an aggregate gravel or sand layer: to act as a filter and absorber 

Now that you already know what to do once you spot dog waste on your lawn, part of the long-term solution is stopping your dogs from pooping at the spot they found themselves.

How to Stop Dogs Pooping on Artificial Grass

Dog Poop on Artificial Grass

While artificial grass differs from natural grass, methods to help stop dogs pooping on grass are the same.

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You can do the following to stop your dog from pooping on artificial grass:

1. Potty Train Your Puppy

Train your dog on where to poop. We recommend you train your dog when young, as they will learn quickly and don’t have a routine yet to break.

If you spot your dog on the act while on artificial grass, shout to startle them. Afterwards, guide your dog to its designated potty.

However, positive reinforcement works better than just shouting at your dog, which may scare them. Reward your dog every time they poop in their potty.

2. Provide Alternative Potty Spot

While a fence will help keep your dogs away from artificial grass, it’s not a long-term solution, as your dogs need to play and rest on the grass.

Instead of a fence, designating a specific potty area for your dog discourages using artificial grass as a bathroom. You can place sand or gravel in a corner of your yard and let your dogs relieve themselves there. 

3. Use Dog Repellents

Dogs like pooping at an exact spot; that’s how they mark their territory. To condition your dog into using their new potty area, homemade and commercial repellents can discourage them from pooping on artificial grass.

Some repellent items you will need to stop dog pooping on fake grass include:

  • A motion-activated sprinkler 
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar 
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Lavender plant

These products emit scents that dogs find unpleasant, discouraging them from getting near that spot. However, be cautious when selecting these products. Ensure they are safe for your dog and the artificial grass.

Wrap Up on Dog Poop on Artificial Grass

Finally, dealing with dog poop on artificial grass doesn’t have to be frustrating. When walking with your dog, carry a portable dog waste bag. That way, you will maintain your artificial grass investment and have less trouble cleaning.

Before installing fake grass, it’s good to mention to the installer about your dogs. They can install a grass deodorizer under infills to encourage aeration.

If you already have a lawn and own a dog, use these general guidelines and tips to care for your artificial grass. Cleaning Artificial grass shouldn’t take little time. With proper care, your lawn should be as good as new, and your dog will love playing on it.

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